Bicycling Across the U.S.A.: Maps and Routes

If you are considering a bicycle ride across the U.S.A., then the best place to start is to watch the movie “The Ride”. The movie documents Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race television series, as he rides more than 3,500 miles across the U.S. from coast to coast. The movie is an excellent resource for understanding the type of planning and support that go into meeting this great challenge. Additionally, the movie offers an chance to glimpse the physical challenges and difficulties that one must endure to accomplish this tremendously difficult and rewarding endeavor.

Planning a large scale bicycle ride does not mean you have to plot out everything from scratch or rely solely on your own wits to guide you. The website is an excellent online resource dedicated to helping first time bike tourers to plan and carry out a safe journey across the U.S. The website offers a specific route suggestion that is paired with camping or hotel options to guide you on your travels. Additionally, there are many shorter U.S.A. bicycle touring maps on the site to offer you shorter cycling adventures. also offers tips for training and preparing for these enjoyable rides.

Another helpful resource for planning and executing a long distance bicycle tour in the U.S. is This helpful website is packed with tips by cycling enthusiasts that have completed satisfying cross country trips. A great internet portal for finding cycling tour routes in the U.S. of all lengths and locations is This website is dedicated to putting cyclist in touch with group rides or providing you with maps and routes for self guided touring. The internet has an abundance of cycling route resources. Searching for routes that include experienced feedback is the best way to plan your trip.