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Coasting and Cruising: A Family Guide to Bike Riding

If you are looking for a fun activity for the family to enjoy together, biking can be an excellent option. Of course, before you can undertake this as a regular family outing, you will need to make sure your children know how to ride a bike. This means developing the balance and physical tenacity to go on a lengthy bike ride as well as understanding the rules that are in place to keep bike riders safe. If your children have never attempted to ride a bike before, you must be Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh Air and Fun: The Life of a Recreational Bicyclist

Recreational cycling has plenty of fun and benefits for all. People who exercise with sports such as cycling are far less likely to have heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and many other common health problems. The fresh air is a relief on a hot summer morning or evening. Few scenarios match the feeling of speeding down a hill on a bicycle with the wind whipping through your hair and face. You can make a bicycle ride as easy or Read the rest of this entry »

Pedals and Gears: A Safety Guide for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Riding bicycles as a family is a great way to spend quality time together. You can find bicycle trails in most urban areas. These trails keep you and your family away from dangerous traffic. Bicycle trails are often located in city parks and offer a relaxing view of lush landscaping while you ride. There are some safety rules that need to be observed while you ride your bikes. Stay on the bicycle trails and don’t ride on city streets or sidewalks.

Most bicycle injuries occur on city streets. Many times drivers simply don’t look for a Read the rest of this entry »

The Benefits of Biking

A while ago, I was on my clear wire internet researching my commute and seeing if there was another way. You see, I had just come into possession of a bike and I was trying to figure out if it would be feasible to bike to work every morning instead of having to go through the usual grind of morning traffic.

For some people, the option to commute via bicycle isn’t so remote, and if you have the option to bike it instead of drive it, you really ought to. Aside from the hundreds of dollars you will save on gasoline every month, there are a number of health benefits that may or may not be so obvious. Sure, there are the physical benefits of repeated physical activity and you won’t need to set aside so much time to working out after work. Plus, starting your day with a bike ride is one of the most therapeutic ways to approach the troubles at large. Got some morning anxiety about the meeting coming up? Ride your bike and channel that frustration into something you can use. Not to mention, a bike is a lot more versatile and you might not find yourself getting stopped up in traffic all the time.

Bicycle Racing: A Sport of Adventure

The thrill of competition is always exhilarating, but bicycle racing is even more exciting. There are many different styles of racing in cycling, but each offers the enjoyment of fusing mechanical and natural strength in just the right balance of finesse and technique. If you are interested in pursuing some adventure in bicycle racing, then here are a few tips to consider.

Contrary to what it may look like from the stands, bicycling is not an individual sport. Cycling teams are comprised of several different types of riders that each use their developed talents to Read the rest of this entry »

A Beginner’s Guide to Biking for Fun

You may have thought about taking up biking after seeing some smiling cyclist breezing passed while you sit stuck in track. The truth is, many would love to start participating in this enjoyable and healthy pastime but they just do not know how to begin. It is simple. The first step to biking for fun is to get a bike. After that, you just ride.

Do not spend too much time in the contemplation of your first bicycle. A bike is Read the rest of this entry »

Bicycling for Fresh Air, Adventure and Exercise

Getting outside and being active can be a challenge in this hectic world. Adding the overwhelming need to maintain an exercise routine can make your schedule feel overly packed with obligations. Fortunately, bicycling is a way that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and staying fit together.

The initial investment on a bicycle may seem daunting when one first enters a bike shop, but the truth is that fitness and enjoyment are just as plentiful on Read the rest of this entry »

Bike Basics: How to Choose the Right Bike for You

Choosing the right bike should involve a look at the characteristics of the bike before considering the price. Bikes can be divided into two basic categories: mountain bikes and road bikes. The right bike for you should be the one that will ideally help you to ride comfortably over the terrain of your choosing.

While road bikes are often associated with racing and speed, they are typically very attractive to people looking for a low impact form of exercise. To choose a road bike, first be sure that Read the rest of this entry »