Bike Basics: How to Choose the Right Bike for You

Choosing the right bike should involve a look at the characteristics of the bike before considering the price. Bikes can be divided into two basic categories: mountain bikes and road bikes. The right bike for you should be the one that will ideally help you to ride comfortably over the terrain of your choosing.

While road bikes are often associated with racing and speed, they are typically very attractive to people looking for a low impact form of exercise. To choose a road bike, first be sure that you can comfortably ride in the prescribed forward leaning position. As your body becomes more flexible and your balance becomes stronger, it is common for the seat height to exceed the handlebar height. Remember that your bike does not need to have the finest in components and the lightest of frames for you to enjoy riding it.

If you have access to interesting off road trails, then a mountain bike will probably be a better suited choice for your enjoyment. Mountain bikes can offer an array of highly advanced options such as shocks and disk brakes. If this is your first bike, then consider purchasing a rigid frame with a front-fork shock.

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